Having a reliable and safe truck means you take good care of it by relying on professionals to handle your heavy-duty vehicle repair and service performed on regular basis. It's not the best idea to skip regular servicing in order to save some money because this will result in more expenses in the long term, as once minor problems would eventually become major repairs on your heavy duty truck. Whether you have just one heavy duty truck or a whole fleet, our team of certified auto mechanics can keep you on the road as long as possible. 

Trucks are ranked from 1 to 8 (smallest to largest) and put into classes by US DOT's "Gross Vehicle Weight Rating" (GVWR). GVWR refers to the maximum operating weight a truck can possibly carry while driving including the truck itself. Based on this classification, heavy-duty vehicles fall into the 7 and 8 classes. The weight of the heavy-duty trucks is at least 33,001 pounds or greater and include fire trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers and over-the-road 18-wheelers. When you're choosing a heavy duty vehicle for your business, make sure you the selection is based upon the projected growth for that business, so the truck can still meet your company's needs in the years to come. We'll make sure the vehicle you choose is in compliance with all regulations and codes. 

At our auto repair shop, you can rest assured knowing that your heavy-duty vehicle repair and service is being taken care of by experienced and professional auto mechanics, who only use the best quality parts on the market. Call us today or make an appointment online! 


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